RenewSys launches advanced backsheets

October 2019

RenewSys, an integrated manufacturer of solar modules, encapsulant, backsheets and solar cells, launched a specialised backsheet for high reflectance at the REI 2019 Expo. This PRESERV LX range of backsheets claims to offer a high […]

Sungrow launches new 1,500 V inverter solutions

October 2019

Sungrow, a global solar inverter solution supplier, unveiled a comprehensive product portfolio at the Renewable Energy India (REI) 2019 Expo. The key product offerings showcased included the SG5000UD, a 1,500 Vdc outdoor central inverter, and […]

GoodWe launches its new mini inverter series

September 2019

GoodWe has launched its new mini inverter series, XS. The new XS model is an ultra-small inverter of A4 paper size. This single-maximum power point tracking, single-phase residential inverter is extremely light and compact, weighing […]

TerraSmart announces a bifacial racking solution

September 2019

TerraSmart has introduced a new ground-mounted racking solution, GLIDE, designed specifically for bifacial solar modules. The solution is compatible with bifacial modules. This allows complete exposure of the bifacial module and maximises the power yield […]

LONGi Solar launches new Hi-MO X modules

September 2019

LONGi Solar has launched Hi-MO X modules. These are high efficiency modules using mono-passivated emitter and rear cell technology. The product has a shingled layout to achieve a leading front-side module conversion efficiency of 20 […]

Clenergy launches new solar ground-mounting system

August 2019

Clenergy has officially launched a new ground-mounting system, PV-ezRackSolarTerraceMAC, designed for large-scale solar plants worldwide. Its main components are made of PosMAC, a POSCO magnesium aluminum alloy coating product. PosMAC is a ternary alloy coated […]

Usha Shriram launches new solar inverters

August 2019

Usha Shriram, a multi-product company, has launched a range of smart on-grid inverters under the brand “Eurolex”. The inverters have been aesthetically designed with aluminium heat exchangers and range in size from 2 kVA to […]

Arctech Solar launches 120-module 2P solar tracker

June 2019

Arctech Solar has launched its latest tracking system, SkySmart-2. This is a single-axis 2P (two modules in portrait) tracking system with multiple fans that can drive up to 120 solar modules. SkySmart-2 has an innovative […]

Huawei launches a 1,500 V smart string inverter

June 2019

Huawei has announced the launch of its latest utility-scale 1,500 V smart string inverter, SUN2000-185KTL-INH0 (SUN2000-185KTL), for the Indian solar market. The new product has an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm, which helps achieve optimum integration […]

RenewSys launches 6BB solar cells in India

June 2019

RenewSys has announced the production of six bus bar (6BB) solar PV cells and modules. The 6BB cells, part of RenewSys’ RESERV range of solar PV cells, will be manufactured using world-class European PV cell […]

JinkoSolar launches its new bifacial module, “Swan”

May 2019

JinkoSolar has launched a new bifacial module, “Swan”, the latest addition to the company’s premium Cheetah range. The modules are protected by clear DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride (PVF) film-based backsheet. By combining high efficiency Cheetah […]

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