SATEC releases its new PRO Series of solar meters

March 2021

SATEC has introduced its PRO Series of cost-effective power meters for advanced power applications, including waveform recording and AC/DC power metering. This is available as the PM335 panel mount form factor design and the EM235 […]

February 2021

Vestas launches a 15 MW offshore wind turbine Vestas has recently launched a new offshore wind turbine, V236-15.0 MWTM. This new product harnesses optimum design synergies from existing turbine platforms such as the 9 MW […]

Ergosun introduces integrated solar PV roof tiles

February 2021

Ergosun has created an integral solution by combining solar photovoltaic (PV) systems with roofing materials to create integrated solar PV roof tiles. These solar roof tiles are aesthetically pleasing and can fit perfectly into the […]

MingYang unveils new 6.25 MW wind power turbine

December 2020

Chinese wind turbine manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy recently launched its new onshore wind turbine, MySE6.25-173. The new wind turbine features a rated power of 6.25 MW and a rotor diameter of 173 metres. Building on […]

DSM releases its new solar module backsheet D15

December 2020

DSM has launched its all-purpose Endurance backsheet, D15, which is built on the same successful co-extrusion technology platform as DSM’s existing B series with its unique polyolefin strong core. According to the company, D15, the […]

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