Biwatt launches sodium-ion batteries for residential applications

Biwatt Power has introduced innovative integrated solar energy storage solutions designed for residential use. Its smart ho­me energy management platform incorporates a cloud-based battery management system that offers homeowners various safety protections and alerts regarding potential faults. The distinctive sodium-ion active balancing technology significantly prolongs the life cycle of the battery, enabling users to utilise the product for an extended period. Measuring 600 mm x 810 mm x 155 mm and weighing 60 kg, the devices boast an impressive efficiency rating of 97 per cent and are projected to have a lifespan exceeding 3,000 cycles. With a maximum input voltage and a rated battery voltage of 500 V and 48 V respectively, these batteries have 75 Ah of cell capacity and up to 6 kW of DC power. Furthermore, these batteries offer a maximum power point tracker voltage range of 120 V to 450 V, and they can handle an MPPT input current of up to 13 A. Additionally, they come with IP21 enclosures and are eq­uipped with a cooling system that relies on forced air.