Covers global trends pertaining to transmission and project development in renewables.
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Global Scenario

November 2018

By Anukriti Renewable resources emerged as the leading preference for new power generation technologies in 2017 as clean energy sources accounted for a 70 per cent share in net generation capacity additions worldwide, supplying an […]

Wind Rich

August 2018

By Swarna Kesavan The North Sea has witnessed significant offshore wind power activity in the past few years. With 11.2 GW of offshore wind capacity, the North Sea accounted for 60 per cent of the […]

Energy Transition
Japan undertakes power sector reforms

May 2018

The re-election of the Shinzo Abe government in October 2017 has reinforced support for Abenomics (Japan Revitalisation Strategy), which is the government’s signature economic revival strategy centred on monetary and fiscal policy measures accompanied by […]

Global Trends
Market snapshot and growth potential

November 2017

In 2015, several countries across the world signed the Paris agreement to tackle the climate change problem. A total of 189 countries submitted their national commitments with targets to increase investment in renewable energy, energy […]

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