Covers global trends pertaining to transmission and project development in renewables.
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An Emerging Market    

March 31, 2021

Africa has seen increasing uptake of solar, especially in the northern part of the continent. In fact, solar power is becoming a popular alternative to fossil fuel-based energy generation and it is supplementing hydropower in […]

Expanding the Grid

January 20, 2021

South Africa’s transmission infrastructure is obsolete and in urgent need of expansion. Grid facilities are currently unable to meet the country’s growing electricity demands, provide reliable power and further integrate new sustainable energy options. In […]

Global Greening
Renewable energy growth trends and outlook

November 11, 2020

Renewable energy has established itself as a preferred source for meeting energy needs across countries. Having added an unprecedented 200 GW of renewable capacity through the year, the total renewable power capacity (including hydropower) stood […]

Offshore Gains

June 7, 2020

The Republic of Ireland’s power sector is undergoing a sea change as the country accelerates the transition from an energy system heavily reliant on fossil fuels to one powered by renewables. To this end, in […]

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