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Interview with David Cohen
 Founder and CEO, Taekion

April 2019

“The use of blockchain can increase the reliability and resilience of the electric grid.” A blockchain expert, David Cohen is currently the founder and chief executive officer of Taekion, a blockchain-based cybersecurity company. Prior to […]

Connectivity Challenges

March 2019

The evacuation and integration of renewable energy faces various issues and challenges, which include high costs of transmission and energy storage systems, inadequate levels of accuracy in forecasting and suboptimal despatch optimisation. Transmission capacity addition […]

Making Business Sense
C&I segment turns to solar

January 2019

While solar power has crossed grid parity globally, commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers in India continue to pay substantially higher grid tariffs to discoms than domestic consumers. In order to reduce their operating expenses, C&I […]

Plugging in Renewables
New realities and challenges

December 2018

The government’s continued focus on solar and wind capacity addition has led to a remarkable increase in the share of renewables in the country’s power mix. India’s installed renewable energy capacity has crossed 72 GW […]

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