Features the views of industry experts and stakeholders on key trends and issues in the renewable energy sector
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Interview with Manu Srivastava

November 2018

  Madhya Pradesh made headlines recently when a tariff of Rs 1.38 per unit for the first year was quoted by a developer under a rooftop tender released by the state’s renewable energy agency. Prior […]

The Going Gets Tough
Developers’ views

November 2018

From the developers’ perspective, the year 2018-19 has been a mixed bag of opportunities as well as disappointments. While developers welcome the clarity on grid connectivity related issues, many of them feel that the imposition […]

Not So Optimistic
Financiers’ perspective

November 2018

Over the past two years, aggressive bidding and falling capital costs have induced a lower-for-longer tariff scenario in the solar and wind power sectors. While the impact has been felt by all stakeholders, it is […]

Safeguards in Place
Manufacturers’ opinion

November 2018

In a bid to protect and encourage domestic manufacturing, the government recently announced the imposition of a safeguard duty on imported solar cells and modules, creating uncertainty and stress in the solar power market. While […]

Market Upheaval
Consultants’ perspective

November 2018

The renewable energy sector, like any other sector, constantly faces challenges on account of macroeconomic variables as well as administrative changes. Every year new challenges emerge, making old solutions redundant. Leading consultants talk about these […]

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