Features the views of industry experts and stakeholders on key trends and issues in the renewable energy sector
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Plugging in Renewables
New realities and challenges

December 2018

The government’s continued focus on solar and wind capacity addition has led to a remarkable increase in the share of renewables in the country’s power mix. India’s installed renewable energy capacity has crossed 72 GW […]

Interview with Manu Srivastava

November 2018

  Madhya Pradesh made headlines recently when a tariff of Rs 1.38 per unit for the first year was quoted by a developer under a rooftop tender released by the state’s renewable energy agency. Prior […]

The Going Gets Tough
Developers’ views

November 2018

From the developers’ perspective, the year 2018-19 has been a mixed bag of opportunities as well as disappointments. While developers welcome the clarity on grid connectivity related issues, many of them feel that the imposition […]

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