Rise and Fall
Recent renewable energy tariff trends

June 24, 2022

In the decade spanning 2010-20, se­v­eral countries shifted away from feed-intariffs (FiTs) to the process of auctions for allocating projects. With an inc­re­asing number of countries making this move, India too adopted the new para­di­gm […]

Transition to Renewables
Opportunities and challenges

June 21, 2022

Economies across the world are fo­cu­sing on accelerating clean energy transition. While renewables have gr­o­wn apace in the past few years, the re­ce­nt Russia-Ukraine war and its impa­ct on global energy prices has led countri­es […]

Changing the Game
All eyes on green hydrogen

April 25, 2022

Green hydrogen is perhaps the most promising market in the energy spa­ce globally at present. Its vast un­ta­pped potential and versatile range of ap­p­li­­cations across transport, power and oth­er industries, as well as rising energy […]

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