Gathering Steam
REC market shows signs of revival

January 2020

After a long period of limited offtake, the renewable energy certificate (REC) market bounced back in 2019. The offtake has been especially noteworthy in the solar REC segment. During the period 2012-13 to 2017-18, the […]

Green Track
Kalka-Shimla heritage line goes solar

December 2019

Considered an engineering marvel, the 96.6 km Kalka-Shimla rail line was given world heritage status in 2008. The rail line, which runs through the picturesque hilly terrain with 102 tunnels and 864 bridges, originates from […]

Flexible Fuel
Bamboo fires up gasifiers

December 2019

Bamboo, a renewable lignocellulosic material and non-food biomass, has immense potential as a renewable fuel. It can be used as an energy source by converting into solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. India is one of […]

Some Pain, Some Gain

November 2019

India has taken rapid strides in the area of renewable energy. As of September 2019, the installed capacity in the sector has reached 84 GW (excluding large hydro). Generation too has increased considerably. But does […]

Hybrid Hope
Mega 40 GW plan to exploit the segment

November 2019

Wind-solar hybrid projects have been talked about a lot during 2019 due to the potential benefits they offer over stand-alone solar or wind plants. While only one commercial wind-solar hybrid project of 82.4 MW capacity […]

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