Highlights recent financings in the renewable energy sector including financial results, IPOs, M&A deals, debt, equity, masala bonds, bond issues and financial briefs
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Quarterly Finances

January 2021

Renewable energy companies continue to reel from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the priority status granted to the renewable energy sector provided a cushion to many companies, the impact was still significant for some, […]

Clean Finance

December 2020

The Indian renewable energy sector has witnessed a large influx of investments. The interest to invest in the sector has continued despite the pandemic and the global economic slowdown. The other parameters that have impacted, […]

Key Financings
Major debt and equity deals

November 2020

The year 2020 saw a mix of positives and negatives for renewable energy financing. The downside was a significant decline in debt activity, as Covid-19 worsened the condition of the banking sector and the stream […]

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