keywords” content=”provides a detailed segment analysis of areas such as onshore wind and offshore wind, and solar-wind hybrids. It also provides insights into recent policy and regulatory developments and their likely impact.
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Clean Finance

December 2020

The Indian renewable energy sector has witnessed a large influx of investments. The interest to invest in the sector has continued despite the pandemic and the global economic slowdown. The other parameters that have impacted, […]

Wind Subsides
Stressed time for the segment

November 2020

India’s wind power segment has been sliding ever since the introduction of competitive bidding in 2016. The transition from a feed-in tariff (FiT) regime to an auction-based one has indeed been tougher than expected for […]

Key Financings
Major debt and equity deals

November 2020

The year 2020 saw a mix of positives and negatives for renewable energy financing. The downside was a significant decline in debt activity, as Covid-19 worsened the condition of the banking sector and the stream […]

Company Highlights
Key developments in the past 12 months

November 2020

Enabled by strong policy support, incentives and focused attention from the government, India’s renewable energy sector has attracted many domestic and international players, including several entrepreneurs. Large and small independent power producers (IPPs), power utilities, diversified business houses, […]

Bold Steps
Policy and regulatory round-up

November 2020

In the past one year, the policy and regulatory environment in the renewable energy sector has experienced disruptions caused by Covid-19 and the financial stress of discoms. During the lockdown following the onset of the […]

Evolving Financial Landscape
Financiers’ views

November 2020

With the Covid-19 crisis casting a shadow over new investment plans, lenders remained wary in 2020, especially on account of a liquidity crunch owing to banking sector issues, and regulatory and contractual uncertainties in the […]

Hope on the Horizon
Manufacturers’ perspective

November 2020

Renewable energy manufacturers continue to face certain challenges in the industry. Although they have gained maturity over the years, wind equipment suppliers continue to struggle with capacity restrictions owing to competitive bidding and thin margins, […]

Still Winds
From stable outlook to negative?

September 2020

The wind power segment has witnessed a slowdown in recent years due to low capacity addition and undersubscribed tenders, and is set to fall short of the government’s flagship target of 60 GW by 2022. […]

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