covers emerging segments such as tidal energy, floating solar, canal top solar, offshore wind, solar-wind hybrids, BIPV, geothermal power, ocean energy and fuel cells
solar lighting, microgrids, storage, offshore, solar-wind hybrids, street lighting, LED, solar pumps, geothermal, fuelcells, hydrogen cells, tidal energy, wave energy, off-grid, aerogenerators, water pumping mills, minigrids

A Growing Idea
Blockchain use cases around the world

April 2019

By Sarthak Takyar As the electricity industry moves towards a more decarbonised, more digitalised, and more decentralised structure, blockchain promises greater automation, better data management, higher security, and lower costs. Blockchain is touted to play […]

Making Business Sense
C&I segment turns to solar

January 2019

While solar power has crossed grid parity globally, commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers in India continue to pay substantially higher grid tariffs to discoms than domestic consumers. In order to reduce their operating expenses, C&I […]

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