covers emerging segments such as tidal energy, floating solar, canal top solar, offshore wind, solar-wind hybrids, BIPV, geothermal power, ocean energy and fuel cells
solar lighting, microgrids, storage, offshore, solar-wind hybrids, street lighting, LED, solar pumps, geothermal, fuelcells, hydrogen cells, tidal energy, wave energy, off-grid, aerogenerators, water pumping mills, minigrids

Solar Homes
BIPV yet to build a strong foundation

December 2019

Interest in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), wherein PV modules are utilised as the roof, facade, walls, windows and sunshades of buildings, is growing worldwide. This is partly because of the emphasis on sustainable green buildings and […]

PV Drive
E-mobility opportunities for solar

December 2019

The world is rapidly moving towards electric-powered, shared and connected vehicles. With low emissions, greater efficiency and reduced technological costs, electric vehicles (EVs) are increasingly becoming popular among consumers. If businesses and fleet operators use […]

A Growing Idea
Blockchain use cases around the world

April 2019

By Sarthak Takyar As the electricity industry moves towards a more decarbonised, more digitalised, and more decentralised structure, blockchain promises greater automation, better data management, higher security, and lower costs. Blockchain is touted to play […]

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