provides a detailed segment analysis including that for biofuels, biogas, cogeneration, biomass, waste to energy, energy plantations, etc. It covers all policy and regulatory developments and their likely impact
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Flexible Fuel
Bamboo fires up gasifiers

December 2019

Bamboo, a renewable lignocellulosic material and non-food biomass, has immense potential as a renewable fuel. It can be used as an energy source by converting into solid, liquid and gaseous fuels. India is one of […]

Rewind 2018
Need for a step change

November 2018

By Dolly Khattar The year 2018 has proved to be an eventful one for the country’s renewable energy sector. India has moved up three spots to occupy the second position on the world renewable energy […]

Green Blends

September 2018

In order to reduce the dependency on crude oil import and save its foreign exchange reserves, the government announced the Ethanol-Blending Programme (EBP) on September 4, 2002. Initially, the programme mandated the blending of 5 […]

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