GoodWe launches new C&I inverters

GoodWe has extended its portfolio of C&I energy storage solutions by introducing two new products. One is the ETC 100 kW hybrid inverter and the other is the BTC 100 kW retrofit battery inver­ter. The­se can be seamlessly integrated with the company’s high voltage ba­ttery system, Lynx C, which offers en­er­gy ranging fr­om 101 kWh to 156 kWh. The three-phase ETC 100 kW model supports a maximum PV power input of 130 kW. It can accommodate a maximum input voltage of 1,000 V, and its two maximum power point trackers operate within an input voltage range of 250 V to 960 V. The ETC/BTC inverters boast an efficiency rating of 97.6 per cent, with a European efficiency of 97.3 per cent. They are en­clo­sed in IP20-rated enclosures and have dimensions of 585 mm x 1360 mm x 750 mm. The ETC model has a maximum weight of 260 kg, while the BTC model weighs up to 240 kg. These inverters can operate within an ambient temperature range of -20° Celsius to 60° Celsius. The hybrid inverters are desig­ned to be compatible with a broad battery voltage range, enabling them to offer peak-shaving services and ensure uninterrupted power supply to critical loads. They can transition to backup mo­de in less than 10 milliseconds, ensuring minimal disruption in case of power outages. Both the ETC and BTC inverters have a limited warranty of five years and are offered in 50 kW models. For diverse C&I requirements, each 100 kW ETC inverter can be connected with a maximum of six Lynx C batteries, allowing for a 100 kW/936 kWh energy storage system to meet various C&I requiremen­ts. Me­anwhile, the 50 kW ETC inverter can be used with a maximum of three battery systems.