Growatt launches the MID X2 series inverter for C&I solutions

Growatt has introdu­ced the MID 33-50KTL3-X2 inverter for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications. With its elegant and compact design, Growatt’s newest MID X2 inverter is suitable for PV modules with higher current ratings. It reportedly significantly lowers the levellised cost of energy of solar power. It has an efficiency of 98.8 per cent, which reportedly helps the MID X2 series to provide optimal energy conversion, utilising solar power to a high extent. The MID X2 integrates with high-power modules and has a string current of 16 A, establishing the groundwork for in­creased energy output. It provides string design flexibility with its 3/4 maximum power point trackers, and the ca­pacity to support 6/8 strings per inverter. With its fuse-free design and IP66 protection, the MID X2 can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. Main­taining a compact footprint at 580/ 435/230 mm and weighing 37 kg, the MID X2 streamlines installation and maintenance. The inclusion of intelligent string monitoring, advanced IV curve scanning, and one-click diagnosis is meant to elevate the MID X2 into the category of intelligent inverters, enabling remote monitoring and maintenance with ease. By accommodating higher cu­rrent modules and permitting a DC-side overload of up to 50 per cent, the MID X2 attains an enhanced DC/AC ratio, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. In addition to its impressive power generation capabilities, the MID X2 series significantly reduces balance of system costs. Furthermore, with featu­res such as active ARC protection, Type II surge protection devices on both the DC and AC sides, and photo-induced de­gradation protection, the MID X2 series has been built to be a comprehensive safety solution.