REC Group unveils REC Alpha Pure-RX residential panel

The REC Group has introduced its recent high-efficiency solar panel innovation, the REC Alpha Pure-RX, which achieves a power rating of up to 470 Wp. This product utilises advanced heterojunction cell technology (HJT), reportedly allowing customers to optimise the energy output from rooftop solar installations. The REC Alpha Pure-RX represents REC’s fourth product advancement founded on its Alpha HJT technology. It features an enhanced power density of 226 W per m² or 21 W per ft2. The product underscores REC’s proficiency in HJT, a technology initially adopted by the company in 2019. Similar to REC’s prior innovation, the REC Alpha Pure-R, the Pure-RX panel utilises large G12 HJT cells in a seamless half-cut cell design, improving both aesthetics and power output by 40 Wp. Moreover, it is environmentally friendly, being lead-free and compliant with restriction of hazardous substance standards, thereby contributing to higher sustainability. REC’s Alpha HJT product range, which includes the recently laun­ched REC Alpha Pure-RX, gives consu­mers and installers the assurance of ma­intaining at least 92 per cent of their initial power output even after 25 years. While larger wafers are being developed for achieving higher efficiencies, this is quite challenging in the case of G12 large wa­fers and cells for HJT. In the case of REC’s Alpha Pure-R and Pure-RX HJT panels, advanced module interconnection (AMI) enables overcoming this challenge. AMI is a solder-free foil and wire combination and is helping the company achieve higher throughputs.