Goldi Solar unveils TOPCon solar panels

Goldi Solar has in­tro­duced its latest G12 TOPCon solar panel, featuring advanced technology, as part of its high-efficiency low on carbon (HELOC®) plus series. The new addition to the HELOC® plus series features a 132-cell module that incorporates N-Type TOPCon technology, ac­hieving a power output of up to 705 Wp. These panels reportedly boast a module conversion efficiency of up to 22.7 per cent and excel in providing cost-effectiveness, reduced LCoE and balance of system expenses, thereby ensuring a quicker return on investment. Further­more, these panels reportedly yield over a 10-30 per cent additional power gain when compared to standard modules, and they outperform in low-light conditions such as on cloudy or foggy days. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including building-integrated photovoltaics and vertical installations, and also in environments such as snowy landscapes and high-humidity areas.