Sun Lit

June 29, 2018

With a total area of about 40 square km and a population of just over 55,000, Diu has become the first district in India to run entirely on solar energy during the day. Diu, which […]

Patchy Progress

August 26, 2017

Over the past 12 months, there has been a growing impetus to rooftop solar deployments, which has translated into a sharp increase in installed capacity. According to BRIDGE TO INDIA, the installed rooftop solar capacity […]

Aiming for a shift towards retail rooftop solar

July 29, 2017

As the solar power ecosystem expands, traditional market forces are increasingly giving way to new players, innovations and business models that bring with them the promise of creating greater cost and operational efficiencies. In this […]

Emmvee Solar System

May 7, 2017

Emmvee has commissioned a 1 MW solar rooftop plant at its manufacturing facility in Dabaspet, Karnataka. The company manufactures two photovoltaic module categories with sizes ranging from 250 W to 330 W, along with solar […]

On Track
Indian Railways’ renewable energy plans

May 6, 2017

India aims to move towards becoming a low-carbon economy and this is possible only with nationwide efforts from all stakeholders. In this respect, Indian Railways (IR), the country’s largest energy consumer, has set a goal […]

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