Bids invited for rooftop solar systems at Kanpur metro project

The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation has issued a request for proposals for the installation and commissioning of 1 MW of rooftop solar systems at the Kanpur metro project. The project’s expected cost is Rs 40 million, and it is required to be completed within six months of the letter of award. Within 30 days of the acceptance letter, the successful bidder must provide an amount equal to 3 percent of the contract value.

The successful bidder will also be responsible for the project’s operation and maintenance for the next five years. Each project should have a capacity of 10 kW to 400 kW or more on each rooftop unit that is able to connect to the grid independently and have separate energy metres.

According to the tender guidelines, bidders must have had a positive net worth in the previous two financial years. Their average annual turnover should have been at least Rs 64 million for the previous five financial years. The winning bidder must guarantee a minimum capacity utilisation factor of 12 percent for the project. If the contractor fails to complete the work on time, liquidated damages will be assessed at 0.5 percent of the contract value of work for each week of delay, up to a maximum of 10 percent of the contract value. The bid submission deadline is September 28, 2022.


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