Still Winds
From stable outlook to negative?

September 2020

The wind power segment has witnessed a slowdown in recent years due to low capacity addition and undersubscribed tenders, and is set to fall short of the government’s flagship target of 60 GW by 2022. […]

Kaiserwetter launches new solar asset management software

September 2020

Kaiserwetter has launched its new asset management software, ARISTOTELES 3.2, based on its existing cloud-based platform ARISTOTELES. With this, the company aims to provide consumers with insights into the technical and financial performance of their […]

Convert releases new TRJ-AI Tracker Control System

September 2020

Italy-based Convert has released a flexible and reliable tracking control system, TRJ-AI. TRJ-AI defines and manages tracking parameters for each string, depending on plant topography and weather conditions, and avoids shadow anomalies to help maximise […]

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