Convert releases new TRJ-AI Tracker Control System

Italy-based Convert has released a flexible and reliable tracking control system, TRJ-AI. TRJ-AI defines and manages tracking parameters for each string, depending on plant topography and weather conditions, and avoids shadow

anomalies to help maximise energy yields. It uses an intuitive dashboard, which is easy to use and provides a sophisticated analysis. It collects real-time data, which is tiered and georeferenced by a digital map, and provides remote and local control with real-time reporting capabilities of critical issues. The entire system is seamlessly integrated with a high level SCADA unit and it comes with smart sensors, which are always connected. The centralised commands in TRJ-AI permit programmed maintenance operations including PV module cleaning and immediate action in case of critical weather conditions. Meanwhile, remote operations and maintenance control for third-party service providers lowers operating costs.

The tracker control system has wireless connections and there is no need for optical fibre. The system can be accessed from any electronic device. The system adopts a centralised snow strategy and a diffused light strategy, which increases the tracking time and the energy production in winter. A centralised wind strategy helps to manage plant areas while taking into consideration the exposition, roughness and elevation. Meanwhile, information regarding the wind direction reduces the stow time and the wind load on PV modules. The tracker control system is robust, reliable and built of premium materials for durability. It works in a wide temperature range.


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