Kaiserwetter launches new solar asset management software

Kaiserwetter has launched its new asset management software, ARISTOTELES 3.2, based on its existing cloud-based platform ARISTOTELES. With this, the company aims to provide consumers with insights into the technical and financial performance of their renewable energy assets. Kaiserwetter’s flagship platform is integrated with internet of things and artificial intelligence, which leverage smart data analytics, predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms. This helps in maximising the power generation of connected renewable energy installations. The platform has an added feature of global electric power market analytics, which can help users calculate and predict real-time revenues from their assets.

The ARISTOTELES platform is capable of integrating data from various solar power projects, ranging in size from 10 kW rooftop systems to over 200 MW large utility-scale solar projects. The software uses machine learning algorithms and combines external data such as meteorological factors to forecast the power output, maximise the operational performance from a project and minimise investment risks.


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