Talesun Solar launches its new 590 W solar module series

Chinese solar module manufacturer, Talesun Solar, has launched the latest solar PV module series called BISTRA PRO with power output going up to 590 watts. The BISTAR PRO series utilises bigger wafers with a size of 182 mm. It has two models, the one with 72 pcs has a power output of more than 545 W and the one with 78 pcs has an output of 590 W. The large wafer size of the PV modules helps in achieving a higher power output and significantly reduces the system cost for end users.

Meanwhile, the mature multi-bus bar technology helps in reducing internal losses and the risk of cracks. The modules have been designed with optimised configuration, which provides protection against the potential induced degradation. Moreover, the wafers used in these modules are M10 Gallium doped, which ensures very low attenuation due to light induced degradation and light-and elevated temperature-induced degradation. The company provides guarantees for less than 2 per cent attenuation in the first year and no more than 0.55 per cent and 0.45 per cent annual degradation for single-glass and dual-glass types respectively. Further, the design of the PV module frame structure has been improved to enhance the loading capability of the module. The load performance is up to 5,400 Pa on the front surface of the BISTAR PRO module and 2,400 Pa on the back side.


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