Automated solar panel cleaner

July 2017

Automated cleaning of solar panels is a revolutionary concept. Automated cleaners provide periodic maintenance of solar panels in extreme conditions, thus reducing the downtime and improving generation. These are, however, fairly expensive and require a […]

Wind turbine inspection by drones

July 2017

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, are aircraft without human pilots on board. They may be operated either through remote control or autonomously by onboard computerised systems. Given the steady increase in its […]

Green Funds
Innovative financing for renewables

July 2017

India has significantly transformed its energy policy, with renewable energy emerging as the dominant source of capacity addition. The country’s renewable energy capacity now stands at a little over 57 GW. About 37 per cent […]

Aiming for a shift towards retail rooftop solar

July 2017

As the solar power ecosystem expands, traditional market forces are increasingly giving way to new players, innovations and business models that bring with them the promise of creating greater cost and operational efficiencies. In this […]

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