RenewSys starts production of India’s first 5 BB solar cells

RenewSys has launched five busbar (5 BB) solar PV cells. The 5 BB cells are a part of the company’s RESERV range of solar PV cells, which will be manufactured using world-class European PV cell equipment.

Increasing the number of BBs in a PV cell lowers the resistance and increases the current. This eventually increases the power of the cells, which improves the overall module performance. Apart from advanced technologies such as passivated emitter rear cell (PERC), passivated emitter rear totally and interdigitated back contact, increasing the number of BBs is an attractive technology development to produce solar panels with higher efficiency.

RenewSys is expected to start commercial production of its 5 BB solar PV panels from July 2017. Solar panels using 5 BB cells are expected to improve panel efficiency as compared to solar panels using 4BB or 3BB cells. The additional BB in conventional silicon solar cells with regard to 3 BB/4 BB helps facilitate uniform distribution of stress, making 5 BB cells more durable.


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