ZubaBox-Renewable Watch
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The internet is considered indispensable to our modern day-to-day lives. However, a 2015 study by the International Telecommunication Union shows that more than two-thirds of the population in developing countries lack access to a stable […]

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Rapid Roll Solar PV

Renovagen, a UK-based technology provider, has developed and patented flexible solar panels called “Rapid Roll Solar PV”. The copper indium gallium selenide solar panels can be rolled and fitted into a trailer or a flat […]

Solar Power

Self-powered smart windows

With a growing focus on energy resilience, there is pressure to incorporate energy efficient technologies in existing and new infrastructure. Passive design features that maximise energy efficiency can be combined with on-site renewable energy generators […]

Solar Power

SMART nano coating for solar cells

The solar power market has been witnessing several innovations even as it rapidly approaches maturity. One such innovation is a nano coating introduced by Dr Aldrin Antony, a National Solar Science Fellow of the Ministry […]

Wind Power

DNV GL’s LVRT testing solution

The wind energy segment has witnessed several key developments over the past few years with increased capacity additions, allocations through competitive bidding and a reassessment of the country’s wind energy potential. However, evacuation of the […]

Solar Power


The solar power segment has grown exponentially in the past few years. In step with this expansion, the solar industry has been increasingly focusing on technological innovation. A case in point is the eArche solar […]

Wind Power

Challenergy, Inc.

In the post-Fukushima era, nuclear energy has ceased to exist as a source of power generation. Therefore, the country has been looking at options to develop efficient and green sources of power. Among these, wind […]


Bioinspired Storage

The growth of solar energy as a mainstream source of power generation has so far been limited by the uncertainty and variability associated with its integration into the grid network. While battery storage is an […]

Solar Power

Solar-powered bicycle

Vehicular emissions are one of the major contributors to pollution in urban areas. With rapid growth in urbanisation, the number of vehicles in Indian cities has grown manyfold, leading to increased congestion on roads as […]

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Hydroelectric cells

  Countries worldwide are in constant pursuit of greener and cleaner technologies to generate power from the limited set of sources available in nature. Power generation from renewable energy sources has reached parity with that […]