MoP issues policy to promote biomass pellets in thermal plants

The MoP has notified thermal power plants to use 5-10 per cent of biomass pellets alongside coal. The move comes after the CEA released data revealing that biomass-based generation fell by 11 per cent from 4,136 BUs in 2016 to 3,674 BUs in 2017. To support the policy, NTPC has invited tenders for the procurement of 500 tonnes per day (tpd) of agricultural residue-based biomass pellets and 500 tpd of agricultural residue-based briquettes for power generation. The supply contract will be signed for a period of two years with a maximum price of Rs 5,500 per metric tonne for agricultural residue-based biomass pellets and Rs 6,600 per tonne for agricultural residue-based torrefied biomass pellets and briquettes. The initiative is expected to improve the deteriorating air quality in Delhi by providing farmers with a profitable alternative to burning crop residue.


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