Transition to Renewables
Opportunities and challenges

June 21, 2022

Economies across the world are fo­cu­sing on accelerating clean energy transition. While renewables have gr­o­wn apace in the past few years, the re­ce­nt Russia-Ukraine war and its impa­ct on global energy prices has led countri­es […]

Gears up for large-scale renewable energy integration

December 29, 2019

With the thrust on renewable energy, efficiently integrating such intermittent sources of energy is becoming a key priority for transmission system operators. A case in point is the state transmission company, Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation […]

Connectivity Challenges

March 26, 2019

The evacuation and integration of renewable energy faces various issues and challenges, which include high costs of transmission and energy storage systems, inadequate levels of accuracy in forecasting and suboptimal despatch optimisation. Transmission capacity addition […]


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