Boviet Solar USA launches 60-cell PERC solar module

Boviet Solar Technology Company Limited launched a 60-cell passivated emitter rear cell (PERC) solar module at Intersolar North America 2017. The new PERC module includes a 290 W 60-cell polycrystalline diamond-cut solar module and a 300 W monocrystalline smart module with in-built monitoring and module-level voltage shutdown technology. For commercial and large-scale installations, Boviet has also come up with a 72-cell PERC solar module, which includes its fully customisable 340 W polycrystalline half-cut cells module and 355 W monocrystalline high efficiency module.

According to the company, these solar modules can deliver up to 10 per cent more power in a smaller photovoltaic footprint. The Boviet polycrystalline modules deliver 97.5 per cent of rated power capacity in year one and are guaranteed to deliver 80.7 per cent power even after 25 years.

This is the first line of PERC panels launched by Boviet. The panels come with a warranty of 12 years with a 25-year linear output warranty for outstanding power production and longevity.