Risen launches its new 450 W rooftop solar module

Risen Energy has unveiled a new module named RSM130-8-430- 450M, which is designed for use in rooftop applications based on 210 mm cells. The 130-cell mo- dule comes in five versions, with power outputs ranging from 430 W to 450 W and efficiencies ranging from 20.7 per cent to 21.7 per cent. The panel weighs 22.5 kg and measures 1,894 mm x 1,096 mm x 30 mm. The short-circuit current is bet- ween 12.35 A and 12.65 A, and the open- circuit voltage is between 44.36 V and 45.33 V. Furthermore, the module com- prises a white backsheet, tempered anti- reflective glass and an anodised alumini- um alloy frame. It also includes an IP68 enclosure and a maximum system volt- age of 1,500 V. The temperature coeffi- cient of the panel is -0.34 per cent per degree Celsius, and its operating temper- ature ranges from -40 to 85 degrees Cel- sius. The degradation is reportedly 2 per cent in the first year, and the end power output after 25 years is guaranteed to be no less than 84.8 per cent of the nominal output power. The product has a 25-year linear power output guarantee as well as a 12-year product warranty.


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