TANGEDCO received technical bids aggregating 3,700 MW for 1,500 MW solar tender

The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation (TANGEDCO) has received technical bids aggregating 3,700 MW in response to a 1,500 MW solar tender issued in May 2017. The price bids are expected to open on June 30, 2017. According to the tender details, developers can bid for a minimum of 1 MW and a maximum of 500 MW. The benchmark tariff has been set at Rs 4 per kWh. TANGEDCO will provide the transmission system to facilitate evacuation of power from the projects. In case the developer faces grid unavailability for more than 175 hours in a financial year, the excess power generated in the succeeding years will be procured by TANGEDCO at the power purchase agreement (PPA) tariff to offset the corresponding generation loss. The project completion period is 12 months from the date of signing of the PPA for projects up to 50 MW and 24 months for projects more than 50 MW.