Powergrid organises conference on transnational grid interconnections for OSOWOG

A conference on ‘Transnational Grid Interconnections for One Sun, One World, One Grid (OSOWOG)’ was organised by Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (Powergrid) recently. During the event, Union Minister for Power and New & Renewable Energy highlighted that India has already built cross-border linkages with its neighbors, and numerous cross-border links are currently being strengthened.

OSOWOG will enable all countries to reap the benefit of energy from the sun. It will reduce the cost of round-the-clock (RTC) renewable energy. Additionally, it will lessen the need for reserves, resulting in lowering the cost of electricity for the general population and support the transition to renewable energy. According to the minister, the transnational grid connectivity will end the need for more expensive storage solution, which is necessary for RTC renewable energy.

The Middle East and Africa perspective on transnational grid interconnection presented by the World Bank, focused on the Pan Arab Market, which will enable interregional grid connectivity between South Asia and Africa, as well as trade with five regional energy markets once it is fully operational. The planned Pan Arab Market grid connects its three sub-regions and increases the potential of greater regional market integration. Furthermore, the transnational interconnections could also help in utilising the complementary strengths of the SAARC, BIMSTEC, and ASEAN nations.

Under India’s G20 presidency, the importance of transnational grid interconnections was emphasised in order to improve energy security, promote economic growth, and facilitate universal energy access for all people in an affordable, reliable, and sustainable way. This will hasten the integration of clean energy toward the energy transition.