Borosil Renewables considering to enter solar module recycling space

Borosil Renewables Limited, an India-based multinational solar glass manufacturing company, has announced that it is assessing to enter into the recycling of solar PV modules. The company has integrated solar glass production operations in India and Europe.

The company aims to recover valuable materials used in the manufacture of solar modules after the end of their useful lives by planning to start a solar PV module recycling business.  In addition to recovering glass, aluminum, copper amongst others, the company aims to recover maximum number of components, including precious metals and cell material such as silver and silicon, respectively. In addition, the company seeks to work in collaboration with technology partners who have developed an environmentally friendly solar module recycling process.

In October 2022, Borosil Renewables successfully completed the acquisition of an 86 per cent stake in Interfloat Group. The acquisition was successfully completed by the company’s wholly-owned overseas subsidiaries named Geosphere Glassworks GmbH and Laxman AG.