India and Denmark to partner in offshore wind energy space

Gerade einmal acht Kilometer vor der britischen Ostküste befindet sich der Offshore-Windpark Westermost Rough. Das Windkraftwerk besteht aus 35 Siemens-Windturbinen, die eine jährliche Gesamtleistung von 210 Megawatt erzeugen. Dadurch können mehr als 150.000 britische Haushalte mit umweltfreundlichem Strom versorgt werden. The wind power plant Westermost Rough is located only eight kilometers off the British east coast. The site consists of 35 Siemens wind turbines, which generate an annual total output of 210 megawatts, making it possible to supply more than 150.000 British households with eco-friendly electricity.

The Government of India and the Government of Denmark have signed a MoU for new and renewable energy cooperation between Danish and Indian companies with the purpose of developing new and renewable energy  technologies. Under this MoU, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy  and the Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate of the Kingdom of Denmark signed a strategic sector cooperation agreement in the field of renewable energy, with a focus on offshore wind energy.

The main objectives of the cooperation agreement are:

  • Technical capacity enhancement for off-shore wind project.
  • Measures to create and sustain a highly efficient onshore as well as offshore wind sector.
  • Measures to ensure that wind turbines and their components are of high quality as well as certification standards.
  • Offshore wind forecasting and scheduling.

In November 2021, India’s Science and Technology Minister held an online discussion with the UK Science Minister, during which the two addressed green energy collaboration between the two countries among other issues. The India-UK Science and Technology relationship is rapidly expanding, with a combined research programme that has grown from absolutely nothing to close to £300-400 million.


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