Ohmium International ships its first Indian manufactured hydrogen electrolyzer to the U.S.

Ohmium International has sent its first unit of electrolyzer from India to the United States through its Indian subsidiary, as a first step toward establishing India as a global centre for green hydrogen generation. Ohmium produced the electrolyzer at its Bengaluru plant, which is India’s first green hydrogen electrolyzer Gigafactory. This was created to ensure availability of end-to-end solutions within the country and to reduce reliance on imports for this critical equipment for producing green hydrogen.

Green hydrogen is a significant component in India’s objective to achieve net-zero emissions, as reinforced by the Indian Prime Minister at the recent Climate Summit (COP26) in Glasgow. India wants to change the current situation, in which it gets all of its hydrogen from fossil fuels. The COP26 Energy Transition Council (ETC) also stated that reaching the Paris Agreement targets will need an immediate and just transition to sustainable energy. India has expressed a desire to increase green hydrogen production and require its use in businesses such as petroleum refineries and fertiliser manufacturing.

Ohmium International makes it easy for companies to use green hydrogen to create a more sustainable future. Customers can get the most out of their industrial, transportation, and energy projects by using the company’s electrochemical products. Ohmium is based in the United States, but it manufactures in India and has activities all around the world.