GoodWe introduces its new string inverter series

GoodWe has introduced its new string inverter HT Series-100 kW to 136 kW. GoodWe has incorporated its decade old experience to present the HT Series String Inverters, which have various capacities of inverters including 100 kW, 120 kW and 136 kW. HT series offers 100-136 kW models with 1,100 V DC input. The 100 kW model will come with 10 maximum power point trackers (MPPTs) and a DC input voltage of 1,100 V and other inverters for 120 kW or 136 kW will come with 12 MPPTs. A low voltage grid operational capability of 400 Vac is available on 100 kW and 120 kW string inverters and high voltage 500-540 Vac is available on 136 kW inverters.

The new HT-Series seamlessly incorporates different sets of technical strengths intended to achieve higher savings in the installation, enhance productivity and diversify the monitoring options available. It takes safety to the maximum possible level in accordance with the most demanding national standards. This inverter also introduces innovations and technological flexibilities that make it highly compelling as a viable utility option. The result of this extensive list of advantages is a technologically advanced and asset owner-centred inverter. The HT inverter is compatible with bifacial modules and offers a high efficiency of 99 per cent in minimising mismatch losses, thereby maximising intelligent energy generation. An integrated Anti-Photo Induced Degradation (PID) function removes the need for a separate PID box, saving on additional costs. It features PLC communications and comes with optical fibre ring network for an uninterrupted strong performance. To ensure high reliability, the HT Series features IP66 enclosures to enhance inverter performance, keeping it protected from heavy dust ingress and high-pressure water jets from any direction. They are built to withstand harsh condition exposure, can be deployed in floating solar systems and can operate perfectly in extremely difficult environments such as deserts or storms.


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