wpd finalises grid connection deal for 700 MW wind farms in Sweden

wpd, a German renewable energy producer, has concluded a grid connection deal with Ellevio, a Swedish electric distribution business, for two wind farms in Sweden, which are Broboberget and Lannaberget with an overall capacity of 700 MW. Furthermore, it is anticipated that the two wind farms will produce 1.5 TWh of energy each year. The power will be fed into the Swedish grid via a new 400 kV transformer station. The two wind farms will be developed in the municipalities of Rättvik and Ovanåker in the central Swedish provinces of Dalarna and Gävleborg.

Reportedly, Lannaberget will have 35 wind turbines, while Broboberget will have 80. The initial phase of the wind farms’ development will get $364.9 million in funding from wpd Scandinavia, a subsidiary of wpd. Meanwhile, negotiating with turbine vendors, WPD is presently creating a comprehensive project plan. The grid connection’s first phase is planned to commence in 2027.

In February 2023, GE Renewable Energy secured a contract from wpd to supply onshore wind turbines for three wind farms in Germany. The company had to deliver 16 turbines for the wind power facilities, with each turbine having 5.5 MW of capacity. The Bankewitz, Müssingen, and Flinten wind farms were planned to be built at Landkreis Uelzen and will have a total installed capacity of 88 MW.