GRSE and global firms sign MoU for hydrogen fuel cell ferry and engines

Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers (GRSE) and foreign companies have signed two MoUs for hydrogen fuel cell ferry and engines. Of the two MoUs, GRSE has signed one of the MoUs with Caterpillar Inc. for a prospective partnership in the production, sale, and service of medium-speed engines, specifically for the Indian navy and the Indian coast guard. The company has also signed another MoU with Lloyd’s Register for the construction of a hydrogen fuel cell ferry.

This action is a part of India’s revolutionary initiatives to promote environmentally friendly and economically viable alternative fuels. In accordance with the Global Maritime Green Transitions initiative, Union Minister for Ports, Shipping, and Waterways recently disclosed the government’s proposal to create hydrogen-fueled electric vessels in collaboration with Cochin Shipyard Limited and The Energy and Resources Institute.

In an attempt to diversify, GRSE has also signed a MoU with the DEMPO Group to build commercial ships at three of its top shipyards in Goa and Bhavnagar. After establishing India’s public-private partnerships in the warship-building industry, this is GRSE’s first substantial entrance into commercial shipbuilding.