Cement Corporation floats bids for solar projects in Assam

Cement Corporation of India (CCI) has issued a request for proposals for the installation and commissioning of 1 MW of grid-connected solar power projects at its Bokajan plant in Assam. The renewable energy service company model will be used to create the project.

The selected bidder will also be responsible for the project’s operation and maintenance for the next 25 years. As per the tender notification,bidders are not required to pay any earnest money deposit. The project must be completed within six months after the project’s award date.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidder should design a suitable power evacuation system, including the design and construction of suitable transmission line/cabling infrastructure from the power project to the delivery point at the 11 kV CCI main substation.

CCI Bokajan will consume the power generated from the projects in its cement plant at a fixed tariff as per mutually agreed terms and conditions for 25 years from the project’s commercial operation date. To be eligible, the bidder should have implemented at least two grid-connected solar power projects of 0.5 MW each or at least one grid-connected solar power project of 0.8 MW capacity during the last five years.The deadline for proposal submissions is July 20, 2023.