Renewables Market Handbook 2022-23: Report

The Centre for Energy Finance at CEEW (CEEW-CEF) has launched its annual Market Handbook for 2022-23 on India’s power generation capacity and the share of renewable energies. According to the report, renewables and hydro now make up more than 40% of India’s installed power generation capacity, with renewables alone accounting for 30%. Furthermore, the report highlights that renewables cornered 92% of India’s power generation capacity addition in FY23, with wind capacity doubling compared to the previous year.

Further, the report highlighted that solar (grid-scale and rooftop) continued to take the lead, accounting for 84% of renewable capacity added. However, wind capacity addition doubled over the year to reach 2.3 GW. The overall share of renewables in India’s power generation mix now stands at 11.8%. Meanwhile, net capacity addition for coal declined by 60% compared to last year.