Ecowende selects Van Oord to construct 760 MW offshore wind farm

Ecowende, a joint venture of Shell and Eneco, has tapped Netherlands-based offshore construction company Van Oord for the construction of 760 MW of Hollandse Kust (west) lot VI on the Dutch coast of the North Sea. Van Oord is tasked with the responsibility of transporting and installing the foundations for the wind farm. Additionally, it will oversee the shipping and installation of the wind turbines at sea as well as design, purchase, and lay the connecting cables between the turbines.

The signing of the contract is anticipated to happen later this year. Ecowende chose Van Oord with the intention of developing the wind farm with a net-positive effect in the near future. Both companies intend to construct wind farms in harmony with nature while achieving 70 GW of offshore wind energy by 2050. To meet the objective of net positive impact, Ecowende has planned to implement various innovations, including large-scale mitigation and stimulation ecological measures.

In December 2022, Ecowende won a bid to develop a 760 MW offshore wind facility at Hollandse Kust (west) VI in the Netherlands. The offshore wind farm, which is around 53 km from the Dutch coast, was slated to start operating in 2026. Once operational, it generated enough clean energy to reduce carbon emissions by about 3 per cent of current electricity demand in the Netherlands.