National Automotive Board floats consultancy bids for 1.2 MW solar project

The International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT), a branch of National Automotive Board, has requested  proposals for consultant services to expand the existing 1.2 MW solar project in Manesar, Haryana. According to the tender guidelines, the scope of work involves conducting a site survey and establishing liaisons with state and central government entities to generate a complete project report. Additionally, there is no earnest money deposit or performance bank guarantee. Also, the tender document is free of charge.

Also, the bidder must conduct lightning protection calculations and submit an AC cable design for the project. In addition to developing the walkway, the bidder must also work on the water delivery system. 

The winning bidder must perform the work within 30 days after receiving the award letter. The bidder must be a legally legitimate entity such as a proprietary, partnership firm, or private company. The bid submission deadline is April 27, 2023.