Sunbond Energy launches 550 W mono PERC modules

Sunbond En­er­gy has un­ve­­il­ed a new line of its Paci­fic half-cut mo­­­­­no­crystalline PERC modules. The series provides efficiencies of 19.83 per cent to 21.23 per cent with power outputs that range from 520 W to 550 W. The modules are constructed using 144 half-cut M10 cells and ten busbars. The short-circuit current is between 13.35 A and 13.90 A, and the open-circuit voltage is between 49.15 V and 49.45 V. The modules weigh 28.5 kg and have dimensions of 2,300 mm x 1,140 mm x 40 mm. They consist of high transmittance anti-reflective glass, an anodized aluminium frame with a twin wall shape, a trilayer backsheet, low-shrinkage potential-induced degradation-resistant ethylene vinyl acetate encapsulation, and an IP67/68 junction box. The maximum system voltage is 1,500 V DC, and the temperature coefficient is -0.39 per cent per °Celsius.