Tigo unveils rapid shutdown solar technology

Tigo Energy has unveiled the Tigo RSS Trans­mitter with Pure Signal technology that facilitates the rapid shutdown of utility-scale so­­lar pla­nts. Pu­re Signal te­ch­­nology was created to en­hance the quality of powerline communication signals and to mitigate the effects of electromagnetic interference in large-scale solar installations. The transmitter input voltage and current of the device are 12 V and 1 A, respectively, while its average and maximum power consumption are 0.85 and 5.5 W. It features an IP68 enclosure and is 38 mm x 41.3 mm x 90.9 mm in size. Tigo RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology are built on patented advanced rapid shutdown technology. They enable significant reductions in balance of system and labour costs. The transmitters are UL PVRSS-certified, with hundreds of inverter models from leading manufacturers. In addition, the company’s TS4-A-F and TS4-A-2F rapid shutdown product lines are compatible with the new generation of RSS Transmitters with Pure Signal technology, which can be easily integrated into new projects or retrofitted into existing installations. n


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