Zhejiang Beny launches a new micro-inverter series

Zhejiang Beny Electric Co. Ltd. has la­unched a micro-inverter series for reside­ntial and commercial PV systems. There are three different variants of the micro-inverters with rated power outputs of 550 VA, 700 VA and 2,800 VA. The smallest de­vice, the BYM550, can operate with solar module power levels ranging from 400 W to 670 W. It has a 97.5 per cent ef­fi­ciency and a 97 per cent European efficiency. It weighs 2.38 kg and has dimensions of 210 mm x 230 mm x 34 mm. It supports the connection of up to ten units per string. The BYM700 middle-sized in­verter has a panel power range of 450 W to 750 W. Its efficiency is 97.5 per cent, while the European efficiency is 97 per cent. It weighs 2.38 kg and measures 210 mm x 230 mm x 34 mm. It allows up to eight units per string to be connected. The BYM2800, the largest micro-inverter, can operate with solar panels with a po­wer output of 450 W to 750 W. The effici­ency levels are comparable to those of the BYM550 product.

For the entire series of micro-inverters, the operating voltage range for all de­vices is 16.56 V, the maximum DC input voltage is 60 V, and the maximum short-circuit current is 24 A. The MPPT voltage range for all devices is between 24 V and 50 V. In addition, each one of them can achieve an MPPT efficiency of 99.8 per cent and a night power consumption of less than 100 milliwatts. Along with a natural convection-based cooling system, the devices have an IP67 enclosure classification. The manufacturer pro­vides a 25-year performance warranty and a 10-year product warranty.


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