H2PLT unveils to build green hydrogen mini-power stations in Spain

H2PLT is a new company founded by Spanish entrepreneur Sisco Sapena with the goal of developing Spain’s first green hydrogen micro-generation network. H2PLT, which was established in February 2022 with an initial investment of $225,775, has only recently begun operations and now employs a workforce of six people. The company has its headquarters in Lleida, Catalonia, where Sapena also controls Lleida.net, a communications, internet, and telecommunications services provider that is more well-known than the others.

Reportedly, the objective of H2PLT is to build environmentally friendly hydrogen-based power plants that will produce hydrogen, store it, and turn it into electricity at night for sale to the wholesale market. Small solar PV farms constructed specifically for this technology would provide the renewable energy needed for the process. The company also intends to develop a network of electric and fuel-cell vehicle servicing centres that will utilise H2PLT’s power and hydrogen.

As per the company’s statement, some of these initiatives have already been put into action. In the region of Cuenca, east-central Spain, the company claimed to have secured 80 hectares at the El Pedernoso solar park. The facility will be able to produce up to 40 MW and 2.5 tonnes of hydrogen per day by 2023. Furthermore, Sapena intends to begin selling to the wholesale market in the fourth quarter of 2023 and list H2PLT on Euronext in the second half of 2023. The company might apply for a dual listing in the US at a later time.