EESL signs agreement with Bihar utilities for smart prepaid metres

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) has signed contracts with South Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited and North Bihar Power Distribution Company Limited for setting up 2.34 million smart prepaid metres in Bihar as part of its Smart Meter National Programme. The purpose of this project is to have a long-term impact on the distribution sector in Bihar.

The smart prepaid metres are connected through a web based monitoring system which will help utilities reduce their commercial losses, increase revenues, and serve as an important revenue generator. The smart prepaid metres will improve DISCOM operational performance by increasing billing and collection efficiency, lowering operation and maintenance costs, and improving service quality and also provide consumers with demand side management options.

Other primary aspects of smart prepaid metering include a significant reduction in peak power purchase costs, the ability to conduct near-real time power quality analysis and a significant reduction in carbon footprint, owing primarily to reduced patrolling for metre reading, disconnection and reconnection, outage detection, and so on. In India, the Smart Meter National Programme aims to replace 250 million traditional metres with smart metres. EESL and Intellismart have installed over 1.6 million smart metres in the country as part of the smart metre national programme.