Video Webinar on Predictive Maintenance of Wind Turbines

Renewable Watch in association with Onyx Insight hosted the webinar on Predictive Maintenance of Wind Turbines.

The mission of this webinar was to discuss the role that predictive maintenance can play in the effective operations and maintenance (O&M) of wind turbines to maximise performance, reduce O&M costs and extend turbine life. This webinar focused on the various advanced analytical tools and techniques that are used for predictive maintenance in wind power plants and their benefits in asset management.

The 90-minute webinar featured a brief technology presentation followed by a panel discussion among top operations management executives of leading wind power producers.

The panel deliberated on the following questions:

  • What are current strategies for risk management in O&M of wind turbines?
  • What are the key challenges in traditional wind O&M and how can moving to predictive maintenance help in addressing these?
  • What role can advanced analytics and digital technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence play in optimisation of asset management?
  • What are the long-term cost benefits of using predictive maintenance techniques?
  • What is the way forward for O&M of wind turbines?

Our speakers included:

  • Rajiv Babaji Samant, Consultant – Wind Business Development and Former Chief – Wind O&M, Tata Power
  • Kapil Kasotia, COO- Utility, Wind, Hybrid, Storage & Strategic Initiatives, Amp Energy India
  • Atul Pachauri, Head, Operations & Maintenance, O2 Power
  • Sharath Prabhakaran, Business Development Manager, Onyx Insight
  • Niraj Shah, Vice-President (Wind O&M), Apraava Energy
  • Henry Tanner, Product Manager, Advanced Sensing, Onyx Insight

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