Haryana regulators approve purchase of 150 MW renewable energy from SECI

The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) recently authorised Haryana Power Purchase Center (HPPC) to purchase 150 MW of renewable energy from the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) with a guaranteed peak power supply. In the absence of a drafted power purchase agreement (PPA) between the parties, it specified that the penalty payable to the HPCC for any non-supply or restriction in supplying power during the agreed-upon peak hours must be 100 percent of the tariff agreed upon by the parties.

HPPC has filed a petition with SECI requesting authorisation for 25-year procurement of 150 MW of renewable electricity at a levelised pricing of Rs 3.96/kWh, with an off-peak tariff of Rs 2.88/kWh and a peak tariff of Rs 6.85/kWh alongwith a trading margin of Rs 0.07/kWh. The Commission also stated that the liquidated damages clause for non-delivery, restricted supply during peak hours, and non-commissioning of the project within the specified 18 months will be enforceable under the power sale agreement.

Recently in June 2022, HERC sanctioned a power sale agreement proposed by HPPC for procuring 800 MW of Interstate Transmission System (ISTS)-connected wind-solar hybrid power (Tranche IV) from SECI. The Commission approval is sanctioned at a tariff of Rs 2.34/ kWh and Rs 2.35/ kWh for 700 MW and 100 MW capacity respectively.


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