Gurugram installs India’s largest EV charging station

India’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging station, with 121 charging points for four-wheelers, was opened in Sector 86, Gurugram. With the addition of this EV station, the city now has two of the country’s largest EV charging stations. The first EV charging station, with a capacity of 100 charging points for four-wheelers, opened in Gurugram’s Sector 52 in January 2022. The new EV charging station was developed by Alektrify Private Limited as part of the Ease of Doing Business programme. The station contains 75 AC, 25 DC, and 21 hybrid charge points, with a daily capacity of 1,000 automobiles.
As per the statement, within 60 days, two more stations of the similar size and scale will be installed in Noida for the Delhi-Agra E-Highway, completing the prototype modelling of E-hubs. Thirty more E-Highway charging stations will be built in 90 days after being allocated to public and private companies.
In November 2021, Magenta and the state government of Tamil Nadu signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to invest in building EV charging infrastructure in the state. Magenta will invest approximately Rs 2.5 billion as part of this agreement. The plant will focus on EV design, product development, and architecture standards in the e-mobility industry. The funds will be used mostly for R&D, manufacturing cutting-edge technology, and expanding the e-mobility company’s alternatives. The facility intends to build a strong supply-chain ecosystem in and around the region, as well as prepare Tamil Nadu for EVs.


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