NTPC REL floats a tender for development of STU –connected solar projects in Rajasthan

For the development of 500 MW of state transmission utility (STU) connected solar projects in Rajasthan, NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC REL) has requested bids for land acquisition and an extra-high voltage (EHV) transmission system package. The bid submission deadline is March 21, 2022.

The scope of work comprises transmission system-related works, including connectivity with STU in Rajasthan. The bidder must also ensure the construction and connectivity of the EHV transmission line till it reaches the Rajasthan STU substation, including providing for the transmission line’s right of way for 25+2 years and bay work at the STU substation that meets the standards of the Central Electricity Authority. The bidders must also provide operations and maintenance for the EHV transmission line and STU substation for three years after the project is operational.

As per the tender guidelines, the winning bidders must submit a bid security of Rs 5 million for a 250 MW stated capacity and Rs 10 million for a 500 MW quoted capacity. For solar PV projects with a combined capacity of 100 MW or more, the developers should have completed land arrangements and secured grid connectivity approval. At least one project with a capacity of 50 MW or more should be placed in a single location. For a quoted capacity of 50 MW to 300 MW, the bidder’s average annual turnover for any three financial years out of the preceding five financial years as of the date of techno-commercial bid opening, that is March 21, 2022, should be Rs 100 million.