LG Energy Solution releases a 5 kW hybrid inverter

LG Energy Solution, a South Korean battery manufacturer, has launched the LGES-5048, a 5 kW hybrid inverter. It is an addition to its RESU home battery energy storage solutions, which include the RESU6.5 (6.5 kWh), RESU10 (9.8 kWh), RESU12 (11.7 kWh), and RESU13 (12.4 kWh) versions, with each inverter being able to connect up to two battery units. The system measures 516 mm x 440 mm x 184 mm in size, wei­ghs 30 kg, and has a 97 per cent efficiency value with a maximum voltage of 580 W DC. It features a 25 per degree Celsius to 60 per degree Celsius operating temperature range, a fan-less design, re­duced noise emissions, and a 10-year warranty. Moreover, the RESU home battery and LGES-5048 inverter combination allows new solar PV systems to have up to 7.5 kW of capacity and current solar PV systems to expand up to 7.5 kW of capacity, even those on three-phase electricity. LGES-5048 is a hybrid or bidirectional solar inverter that may be used with LG Energy Solution RESU 48V batteries and solar systems connected to the utility grid.


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