SECI issues EoI for 1 GWh battery storage system

SECI has received permission to issue a proposal for expressions of interest to establish 1,000 MWh Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) capacity. This is a collaborative initiative between the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy and the Ministry of Power, who have been working on developing a road plan for the country’s energy storage system installation.

SECI’s EOI will include an RFS bid document as well as a comprehensive guideline for the procurement and use of BESS as a component of generation, transmission, and distribution assets, as well as all ancillary services. The government intends to issue a request for proposals for the installation of grid-scale battery storage capacity of roughly 4GWh at regional load dispatch centres. By early 2023, the first of the proposed huge storage systems should be operational.

Furthermore, NTPC Limited has issued a global tender for the installation of a 1 GWh grid-scale battery storage system. According to the Central Electricity Authority of India, grid-scale battery energy storage facilities with a four-hour storage capacity will be required by 2030.



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